Other Activities
Pasadena, Tx
Houston, Tx
San Antonio, Tx

McKenzie showing in Houston
Showing in College Station, Tx
  Bryce Canyon - Utah
McKinney Roughs State Park, Tx
McKinney Roughs State Park, Tx
Bryce Canyon - Utah

S h o w i n g  
Seguin, Tx
Seguin, Tx

We had a very good year showing in 2009.  Salute is enrolled in the PAC (Paint Alternative
Competition) program of APHA.  This program allows members to earn performance record
credits at "Open Horse Shows" nationwide.  In 2009, Salute earned the #1 PAC Halter Horse in
Texas, #11 nationally and the 2009 APHA PAC Reserve Champion Halter Color.
T r a i l    R i d i n g
We really enjoy trail riding and feel it's an excellent way to keep our horses in good, "all around" condition.   I've been very
fortunate to have traveled to and ridden in 6 other states (New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Oklahoma, Arkansas, & Louisiana)
including State Parks and private ranches.  The most memorable trip was to the National Parks in Utah----just breathtaking !!
A real "fun" place to go is the beach.   If you want to try riding in the surf, check out the beaches at Matagorda, Tx.
   McKenzie Pierce, our "granddaughter" showed "Kilo" many years.
Showing in
Austin, Tx
Left - Showing in
Pasadena, Tx
Besides showing, we also enjoy participating in local
parades.  These were taken at two Smithville Jamboree
Parades.  (The "Indian Painted Ponies" was fun........ )
Matagorda, Tx beach
       National Park - Utah
Big Bend National Park
Big Bend National Park
McKenzie riding at Matagorda, Tx
I'm not as "brave" as McKenize--I stay in the
shallow water.......(LOL)