Seeing-eye dog.... Salute has no eyes.

This picture was published in the April 2007
"Paint Horse Journal"   magazine.
        Oops....  Let me try again!
This picture was published in the October 2009
"Paint Horse Journal" magazine.
      Is this how it's done???
Come'on -- Make my day....!


Gee,   I  feel  GOOD  today !!

WOW, I'm having a bad "mane" day!
Salute likes to "burn it" in the arena !                                                             I call this "standing tall" - he sees something he's not sure of......
Riding in the Gulf - He was afraid of the "foam."
He loves to run.....   Also shows his "hearts.".

Salute playing with Checkers,  a registered 2008
miniature.  Checkers  thinks he's as BIG as
Funny  Or  Amusing  Pictures
   This is a pic I took while riding Salute
    in Big Bend National Park.......
Salute sitting on
his "bean bag!"
And a bad "tail" day !!!

Surely there's some grass under this ice....
Salute loves to play ball !!!